Oribi is your all-in-one Marketing Analytics tool. It empowers businesses of all sizes to make smarter, data-driven decisions with their cutting-edge technology, powerful features, and top-notch optimization guidance.
Oribi Dashboard


The Oribi dashboard is your go to place to get a snapshot of any date range required. It will provide you with changes to your trends such as website traffic, key pages and marketing channels, as well provide you with key highlights.

With Oribi you can see the most important information, in seconds. Be it activity or scale. Wouldn't it be great that in less than a few second, thoughts on how you were doing, would be shown to you in just a click?
Date range
The boss just ask for a report on a specific date range? Oribi has you covered. You can select any date range you like! So long as you have installed the script before that time.
Make quicker decisions
While large decisions take time, you can now get to those quicker by understand where to focus your time.
Data, on an individual level

Individual Journeys

It's great being able to get data on an entire persona, but imagine what you can do with the data on a singe person. You'll be able to give them a much better experiences that is tailored to their interests and place in the buying cycle.

Individual view
Be being able to view what they did, and when they did it is crucial to understand how your site is guiding them through their user journey.
Device wars
See which device is performing better, and where you can improve.
Improve lead gen
Even if the visitor isn't logged in, Oribi will give them an ID, and treat them as if they are. This will allow you to group together common denominators in their actions, and then provide the individual and people like them with targeted CTA to convert them.
Oribi Individual Journeys
Cost vs Sales

Ad Spend

Oribi’s Ad Spend functionality lets you monitor exactly how much you spend on Facebook, Google, and Youtube, while keeping track of how much each visitor costs you.

Connect your platforms
Connecting your marketing platforms, such as Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Mailchimp also allows you to export visitor actions from Oribi and use them to build more powerful campaigns, send more effective emails, and target your most valuable audiences.
Actionable Columns
When viewing the table view for Ad Spend, you will be able to set actions on which your want to report on such as 'request a demo' or 'visit site'.
Compare Ad Spend with Sales
Know exactly how much ROI you get from every ad dollar spent. This feature lets you measure how effective your campaigns really are and helps you act quickly if one is not.
Oribi Ad Spend
Per Hour
  • Report and advice on current state

  • Solution architecture

  • On going digital advice for new projects (website, social, marketing, digital tools)

  • Scoping and SOW proof read and analysis

Per Hour
  • Deeper dive in Reporting

  • Specific item based consultation

  • 'Lean' approach to systems, platforms, and task dependancies to establish agile processes.

  • Focus on customer experience as the end outcome

Hands On
Per Hour
  • Review of current project plan

  • Create a detailed business analysis, outlining problems, opportunities and solutions

  • Define your business requirements and report on the solution back to your stakeholders

  • Priortise tasks list, tasks, and resource

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