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Kentico's mission is to help businesses build engaging websites and online applications. They are a leading web content management system (CMS) provider that provides fully integrated modules and components that enable marketers to quickly create, manage and publish digital experiences across any device with speed and agility. It's easy-to-use platform allows companies and agencies to deliver highly customized solutions for customers.
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Scalability and Performance

Deliver fast and scalable websites

Kentico enables you to build powerful web solutions with the latest ASP.NET Core MVC technology. Speed up time to market with fully integrated modules and reusable components.

Leverage advanced caching options.
Allow faster access to your content with quicker loading of data and reduction of unnecessary processing. Configure cache for files, widgets, or pages with granular cache settings in Kentico Xperience and ensure high performance of your website while keeping your content consistent.
Scale your web solutions in the cloud.
Leverage automatic scaling in the cloud based on the number of page views, concurrent users, CPU, or memory utilization. Let the environment scale up or down according to the rules you set up.  Identify when instances have been added or removed and adopt synchronization mechanisms to keep them in sync. With web farm cloud support, there is no need for third-party modules or synchronization tools.
Scale-out easily using web farm environments.
Running in a standard Windows Server web farm environment, Kentico Xperiences enables you to scale out easily with built-in mechanisms for automatic synchronization of files and in-memory objects across servers. Deliver consistent content to all visitors at lightning speed by keeping multiple instances of your websites in sync within distributed environments.

Secure your websites and data

Kentico Xperience undergoes regular security testing and security-focused code reviews. Eliminate threats and secure your websites with multiple security layers separating data, administration, and the live site. Plus, protect your data by leveraging various authentication methods, permissions, and user management.

Stay protected with Anti-CSRF tokens.
Increase the security of your website by leveraging Anti Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) tokens. The system protects websites running on Kentico Xperience against CSRF vulnerabilities with no reduction in website performance. An alternative to traditional protection based on ViewState, the solution uses tokens for the validation of a request.
Create multiple security layers.
With Kentico Xperience, you can separate data, administration, and the live site with different servers to strengthen the security of your overall solution. Plus, the MVC routing passes executed data in a secure way avoiding exploitation.
Leverage multiple authentication methods.
Protect your data with multiple authentication methods in Kentico Xperience. Utilize forms authentication based on standard ASP.NET authentication, windows authentication, claim-based, multi-factor, or social network authentication. Or implement a custom authentication mechanism for your existing user databases or legacy systems.
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Deployment Tools

Deploy projects with confidence

Synchronize work between developers and marketers effortlessly. Break up the development, content creation, and deployment process by setting up different environments for various stages. Move coding, data, and content from one environment to another automatically or manually in just a few clicks.

Create multiple environments
Separate development, authoring, and the live server to create an additional security layer and better support your deployment processes. Easily synchronize changes across your development, authoring, QA, and production environment.
Provide a highly responsive experience around the world
Synchronize content to multiple servers at the same time. Leverage geographically distant servers around the world and keep content synchronized with your authoring server. Provide visitors with a highly responsive website by running servers in Europe, North America, Australia, and China at the same time.
Avoid conflicts and rollback easily
With Kentico Xperience’s Continuous Integration, after collision detection, you can resolve conflicts in the source control and avoid overwriting someone else’s work. All changes are preserved when new versions are created so that you can rollback and restore previous versions.
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