Teamwork Projects for Product Teams

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Teamwork allows product teams to effectivly work together to create better products, faster. This article will explain steps that need to be taken by the product team in order to achieve this state of maximum productivity.

It doesn't matter if your team is Waterfall, Agile, Kanban, Teamwork can be tailored to suit your team and save you time by automating manual processes. Given each team memeber and departments have different tasks, roles and objectives, they need to manage a shared lifecycle — from planning through to release and support. This makes teamwork essential for the product team as it can help increase productivity and efficiency. That increase, will decrease time to marketing, and save you money.

You can get instant visibility on who’s working on what, when, the priority and who it's assigned to, all in one place. The timeline view makes it easy to see what’s coming up, what's being worked on and who’s responsible for what.


Project management as agile as you are. Whether you’re serious about Scrum or prefer to use a hybrid methodology, Teamwork is adaptable and flexible so you can work your way.

Use it to plan sprint milestones, launch dates, and backlogs in Board View so your team knows exactly what they need to build and can track their progress as they go.


Know where you’re going — and how you’re going to get there. Teamwork functions as the single source of truth for your product team, giving you a 360 view of the big picture.

Collect and centralize product feedback so you can spot trends quickly, make informed decisions, and deliver a better product for your customers


Solve issues more efficiently. Log and track bugs in one task list so your developers know what to work on quickly and easily.

Use messages, notebooks, or comments to discuss the problem with context so that the whole team can stay updated and learn from the fix.

Get your free account and see what Teamwork can do for you!

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