Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 2 is released

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It’s exactly three months and six days since Kentico released the first Refresh and they're continuing to deliver on their promise of providing smooth transition to the newest version of Kentico Xperience.

The latest changes improve existing functionalities, which makes work easier and more intuitive for both marketers and developers, as Kentico continues developing the DXP of the future. And so, Refresh 2 is introducing an out-of-the-box integration with a new, ground-breaking technology based on AI.

Sentiment Analysis

One of the most exciting tech trends, sentiment analysis uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to define the emotional charge of a text. The program quickly recognizes positive and negative wording and provides results showing the sentiment of a whole text, as well as details for every sentence. This is a a huge bonus for content editors.

Kentico have developed an out-of-the-box integration with Azure Text Sentiment Analysis and an extra step in the Marketing Automation.

The tool also helps you sort negative and positive comments and reviews on your website. You can preset an automated Thank-you email for positive reviews to those who appreciate your product or service, and in case the review is negative, you can set up a notification to the support team and send an automated apology. This way your customers get an instant response, and you don’t have to sort all reviews manually. On top of this, Kentico Xperience offers sentiment analysis built in the fields of its text editor for feedback on a marketer’s own work.

Advantage for developers

The API is ready for integration with Microsoft Azure Text Sentiment Analysis from front-end (JS) and from business layer (C#).  

Advantage for marketers and editors

Thanks to this integration, marketers can use AI to analyze the sentiment of users’ comments and set up automated responses and notifications depending on the tone of the text.  Also, they can measure the sentiment of their own texts directly in the text editor.

Copy-pasting widgets in Page Builder

The Page Builder is one of the highlights of Kentico Xperience DXP. Marketers love it because it’s so intuitive and gives them an extraordinary freedom. Still, Kentico has found room for improvement. Did you ever dream of taking a perfectly composed widget and placing it on another page exactly as it is? With the new functionality, you can add up to ten widgets including their content into a clipboard and paste each of them to whatever page you like.  

Advantage for developers

The feature is ready to use, no need for extra developing. The clipboard takes up to ten widgets, which means saving a lot of time when creating similar parts or whole new landing pages based on several different pages.

Advantage for marketers and editors

Until now, if editors wanted to use the same widget on a different page, they had to create the same widget with the same settings in another template. There is no need for that, anymore. Copy-pasting widgets save time and prevent mistakes caused by manual work.

Customizing form sections

Form Builder in Kentico Xperience gives marketers a lot of freedom already. But so far, it didn’t reach its full potential for customization. Refresh 2 offers a feature called Form Builder Section Properties, which enables dividing forms into sections and setting different properties for every one of them. Just like in the Page Builder, developers can define section properties and then, marketers can add titles, styles, descriptions, or even dynamic layouts anywhere in the form.

Advantage for developers

During implementation, you can configure form properties that will be used throughout your website. Then, editors can use them independently in every form they create.  

Advantage for marketers and editors

Forms now provide more options for customization. When creating a complex form, editors can divide it into separate sections with titles, different background color, or styles simply by choosing options directly in the Form Builder.


Creating clean multicultural URLs  

Kentico have developed a convenient solution for creating URLs of multicultural websites. Culture Alias Support for Dynamic Routing now allows system administrators to define their own culture aliases and use them in URLs for distinguishing different language versions. For example, instead of ‘en-US’, you can use ‘en’ or ‘english’. Compared to the previously used standardized culture codes, URLs with culture aliases are more user-friendly and cleaner.  

Advantage for developers    

Developers don’t need to create their own solution for using culture aliases in URLs, anymore. It comes out-of-the-box and system administrators can easily set it up by filling a form in the Kentico Xperience administration.

Advantage for marketers and editors

From now on, if you decide to change the language component in your website’s URLs, you don’t need to ask a developer for a custom solution. The functionality is ready to use in the DXP.      


Are you ready to enrich your platform?  

Installing Refreshes on the latest version of Kentico Xperience is a piece of cake compared to upgrading to a new version. For this small effort, you get a selection of new features, cutting-edge technology, and hotfixes, all with a thorough security review.  

Update your Kentico Xperience now and stay tuned for more exciting news. The next Refresh is coming in September.  

Do you want to know how the next Refresh will boost your business? Flick us a message and we'll love to connect with you.

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